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This is a site dedicated to my own studies and research. It contains records, theories, histories, techniques, ideas, and anything else I find relevant to add. This site, like tomekeepers Library of Knowlege, focuses on direct magic only. I don't believe ritual magic is a valid form of magic and is generally performed by those seeking an easy solution to their problems. Ritual magic is, essentially, the very essence of magical thinking, and I place no more stock in it than I would in the rituals of religious practice.

One may wonder why there is so much science, philosophy, psycology, and history on this site. More than there is about actual magic. That is because to understand how to use and direct magic you must have an understanding of the world that you are trying to use magic in. Ignorance will result in either nothing happening or something unpleasant. Perhaps what you are trying to do will actually work, but the after affects may cause problems.


Before you send me angry letters about how I'm retarded for believing in magic, I would ask you first a few questions.

Why is magic impossible?

What proof do you have of this?

Where does your proof come from?

Who proved it?

When was it proven?

How was it proven?

When you can answer these, feel free to inform me.

Why I don't have to prove anything

Because to prove it is a waste of time and its simply stupid to try. More bad then good would result from it. It would be dismissed as fake no matter what.

And for the simple fact, this is my site I made to keep track of my own research. Get stuffed.